Recent advances in biomedical engineering software have opened a new chapter in high performance knee implants. One remarkable breakthrough has been the creation of the JOURNEY® II XR Active Knee System, which combines an implant designed to restore the stability and natural motion of the human knee with low-friction materials that may help extend the longevity of the implant itself... Continue to read.


One of the most remarkable breakthroughs in design of total knee replacements has been the creation of the JOURNEY II Active Knee Solutions. Designed using the latest in human simulation software, and built using some of the most wear-resistant materials available, this unique implant was designed to address two of the most common concerns associated with knee replacement implants: implant wear and implant feel... Continue to read.


The rationale behind the concept of PHYSIOLOGICAL MATCHING® is simple: any change you make to the knee joint will ultimately impact the entire leg. Of course, as is so often the case, simple rarely means easy... Continue to read.

JOURNEY® II AKS Implant feel

The right "feel" often starts with the right design. To most of us, total knee implants all look very similar. With the exception of color (the OXINIUM alloy used in JOURNEY II implants is black while the cobalt chrome used in other implants is silver), it can take an experienced eye to see the subtle differences in size and shape between two implants. However, as subtle as the differences may seem, they can often have a profound impact on how an implant feels to the patients after surgery... Continue to read.

JOURNEY® II AKS Implant wear

Unfortunately, the metal and plastic surfaces of an implant can wear down over time. The primary cause of this "implant wear" is the friction created when the upper, metal, part of an implant - called the femoral component - rubs against the plastic insert. Fortunately, implant wear can be offset by using advanced, wear-reducing materials during the creation of the implant... Continue to read.