JOURNEY UNI Partial Knee Replacement

Partial knee replacement

Partial knee replacement has been around as a surgical option since the 1970s. Today, partial knee replacement with the JOURNEY UNI knee implant is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that may provide several key benefits to patients whose arthritis is confined to a single compartment of their knee, have a moderately active lifestyle and are within normal weight ranges... Continue to read.

Only replace what is damaged

If the damage is localized to a single compartment, treatment with partial knee replacement may be an option. Because the JOURNEY UNI implant only replaces the damaged bone and cartilage of a either the medial or lateral compartment of your knee, the rest your natural knee's structure is retained... Continue to read.

Understanding the procedure

The JOURNEY UNI surgical procedure allows your surgeon to access, remove and accurately replace only the damaged surface of your knee - leaving your healthy bone intact... Continue to read.