If it is determined that an implant made with VERILAST® technology is right for you, the femoral head or ball of your implant will be made from OXINIUM Oxidized Zirconium - a patented ceramicised metal alloy that Smith & Nephew spent more than a decade developing... Continue to read

How long do you want your hip implant to last?

Just like the surfaces of your natural hip joint, friction created when the surfaces of a hip implant rub together can cause these surfaces to wear down over time. This type of implant wear is a leading cause of hip replacement failure... Continue to read

OXINIUM® Oxidized Zirconium

During manufacture, OXINIUM implants undergo a process that transforms the zirconium surface into a hard, ceramicised metal - while still retaining all of the durability of the underlying metal... Continue to read

What is XLPE?

As remarkable as OXINIUM® Oxidized Zirconium is, it is the combination of the OXINIUM material on XLPE that makes VERILAST® Technology... Continue to read

VERILAST® Hip Technology

If hip replacement is in your future, you've come to the right place to learn about a truly significant advancement in joint replacement materials, VERILAST® Hip Technology... Continue to read

VERILAST® strength

As one of the largest joints in the body, the hip is subjected to tremendous pressures even during simple, everyday activities. For example, the weight pressing against these joints during a simple walk can be 5 to 6 times your natural body weight... Continue to read