A less invasive procedure

In general, any talk about minimally invasive knee replacement centers around the resulting size of a patient's scar. Thanks to advancements in surgical instrumentation, including VISIONAIRE® Patient Matched Technology, surgeons may be able to replace entire knee joints with incisions that are up to 75 percent smaller than those used in the past... Continue to read.

Precision knee placement

Because VISIONAIRE® Patient Matched Technology uses the data directly obtained by your MRI and x-ray images to map out your knee and establish your body's true alignment, your surgeon will arrive in the operating room with a greater knowledge of your knee... Continue to read.

VISIONAIRE® Patient Matched Technology

No matter how much new technology goes into the creation of your implant, if your implant isn't correctly aligned within your body, implant wear and performance will still be concerns. For this reason, we developed VISIONAIRE® Patient Matched Technology - a system that uses your own MRI and X-Ray images to design and build surgical instruments customized specifically for your unique knee anatomy... Continue to read.